Q: How can I contact your store?

A: You may reach out to us by phone, email or online.

(647) 479-4240 | info@insalatamarket.com | insalatamarket.com | @insalatamarket

Q: When are you open?

A: 10am – 10pm daily.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 1331 St. Clair Ave W, Toronto. Just east of Lansdowne Ave.


Q: How can a user be responsible while consuming cannabis during COVID-19?

A: The easiest way to be responsible with your cannabis during Covid-19 is by not sharing your joints or smoking/vaping devices with other people. If sharing is an absolute must, your best option would be using a pipe, bong or vaporizer that could be wiped down with 99% alcohol before using again. You can also use tips for joints or get a silicone mouthpiece when sharing other smoke/vaporizing devices. You also want to make sure that if you do need to cough that you do so while covering your mouth completely and turning away from those around you.

It is best to only handle your own cannabis products unless using clean gloves and taking the proper precautions. Handling other people’s cannabis products could lead to cross contamination and could be hazardous to you or the other person.
Pro Tip: Choosing to consume beverages and edibles as an alternative to smoking during the pandemic may not only help protect you from COVID-19 but may also help protect those around you.

Follow us at @insalatamarket for more COVID-19 updates.

What are we doing to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and store?

At Insalata we take today’s current events very seriously. We have been doing everything we can to ensure all surfaces touched by hands are cleaned and sanitized as often as possible. We have installed barriers at our tills to minimize any cross contamination while checking out and offer hand sanitizer at the front door as well as at our cash counters.

We also ask that all customers entering the store wear a mask or face covering at all times. This is simply for your protection as well as for the protection of others.

Q: How often should I clean or sanitize my cannabis accessories?

A: It is best to give your cannabis accessories a light cleaning once a week if you are a regular user, especially if your preferred method is a bong, bubbler, or other water pipes. Replace the water regularly as sitting water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and effects the overall experience, and potentially your health.
Use a cleaning solution, such as 99% rubbing alcohol or one of the formulated cleaners designed specifically for cleaning smoking accessories. These formulated cleaners usually have an added agitator to help scrub the insides and those tough to reach areas where residue can build up.

Use pipe cleaners, cotton swabs and scrubbing brushes (specifically made for smoke ware) to reach those pesky hard to clean areas. Cotton swabs can also be soaked to clean sensitive components.

For vaporizers, you should only use 99% rubbing alcohol and exercise caution when cleaning the heating element/chamber. Any removable non-electronic components can be soaked in the rubbing alcohol and scrubbed like your other smoke ware.
Remember to always rinse out any non-electronic components with water to ensure no residual aftertaste from the cleaning product.

Q: How can I ensure all of my cannabis accessories stay clean?

A: The best way to ensure your cannabis accessories stay clean is by maintaining them on a regular basis. If you do find they are being used more often, increase your cleaning schedule to match.

Also, if you are using any accessories that require water, for example a bong, be sure to pour out and replace the water after every session. This will ensure the contaminated water doesn’t dirty your bong further. If you have any more questions about cleaning your glass feel free to speak to one of our Cannaisseurs.

Click & Collect

Q: How do I access Click & Collect?

A: Simply click “Shop Now”

Q: Can I call with my order and give you my credit card information over the phone?

A: Unfortunately we do not take any type of payment over the phone. For pre-order options please use the “Click & Collect” option found on our website.

Q: What if I prefer to pay in cash?

A: If you prefer to pay in cash you may do so in person. Simply come into the shop, make payment and one of our cannasseurs will put your order together for you.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: When permitted by AGCO regulations, Insalata will make this option available to you. Check out our Shop Now section for up-to-date information and delivery zone.

Q: Once I have placed my order can I make any changes?

A: If you would like to change your order please feel free to contact us at (647) 479-4240.

Q: Do I have to wait in line to collect my order?

A: Depending on how busy we are you should not have to wait to pick-up your order. Simply look for the “Express Line” when you arrive.

Q: Once I am notified, what if I can’t pick-up my order right away?

A: There is no need to worry about picking up your order right away. Unpaid orders will be held until the end of business that day while pre-paid orders may be picked up within 48hrs.

If you have not picked up your order within 48hrs your money will be refunded back onto the debit or credit card used for payment.

Medical Cannabis

Q: How do I get medical cannabis?

A: In order to purchase medical cannabis you need a prescription from a doctor and completed registration with a licensed producer(s). Once you have a prescription and are registered you may order your medical cannabis products directly from the LP (licensed producer).

Q: Do I need a prescription?

A: To be able to order and purchase medical cannabis in Canada you need a prescription from a doctor, and registration with a medical cannabis licensed producer.

Q: Is this medical cannabis?

A: No, recreational cannabis is not considered medical, however Canada’s recreational cannabis and medical cannabis are all grown by the same licensed producers.

Q: Can I use recreational cannabis for medical purposes?

A: At Insalata we always recommend seeking the professional opinion of your healthcare provider when seeking out medical cannabis. We are not a medical cannabis clinic so we can not provide you with all the information you may need.

Laws & Regulations

Q: What is the legal age for cannabis in Ontario?

A: The legal age for cannabis possession and consumption is 19.

Q: Can I share my cannabis with someone under the age of 19?

A:  No. It is illegal to sell, buy or give cannabis to anyone under the age of 19.

Q: Can I consume cannabis in public?

A: In general the public consumption of cannabis follows similar guidelines as tobacco, however it is important to do your research as some municipalities or private entities are enforcing a slightly different set of rules.

Q: What are the rules about cannabis and driving?

A:  At Insalata we believe no one should drive under the influence of any substance. Section 320.14 of the Criminal Code prohibits driving while impaired and having more than 5 nanograms of THC/mL in your blood.

As with alcohol, being over the limit is a calculated measurement but being impaired depends on a number of factors including whether you have a low or high level of tolerance.  If you have a low tolerance, you can still be impaired but not over the limit. Conversely, someone with high tolerance can be way over the limit but not impaired.

If you are over the legal limit or found to be impaired, there will be Federal and Provincial penalties including fines, imprisonment, license suspension and/or vehicle impoundment.

Please plan ahead and enjoy responsibly.

Q: How much cannabis can I possess?

A:  Possession is limited to 30g of dried cannabis for recreational use. That’s equivalent to 450g of edibles, 2.1L of drinkables, or 7.5g of concentrates.  Oils are a little different since producers can have different equivalency factors for the same quantity so check with your cannasseur and they will be able to make sure you leave with a legal amount.


Q: I still have a few more questions.

A:  Here are some websites we like to use to get a lot of our cannabis information.

You can contact us directly at (647) 479-4240 or info@insalatamarket.com.

Also be sure to follow us at @inslatamarket for more education and info.

General Questions

Q: Is cannabis legal in Canada?

A: Yes, cannabis was legalized across Canada on October 17th 2018.

Q: What types of products are legal in Ontario?

A: Flower, Concentrates, Extracts, Topicals, Edibles, Beverages & Vapes are all legal provided they are purchased from a licensed cannabis retailer.

Q: What kind of accessories do you sell?

A: We sell a wide variety of accessories for all of your smoking needs. We have papers, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, cleaning supplies, and even custom Insalata merchandise.

Q: Where do you get your products from?

A: All of our cannabis products are from licensed producers throughout Canada.

Q: Have the products you sell been tested?

A: Yes, all cannabis products sold at Insalata have been tested and approved by Health Canada.

Q: I am searching for a product, but can’t seem to find it. What do I do?

A: If you have searched for a cannabis product on our website and can’t seem to find it, it probably means we are currently out of stock. With that said you can always give us a call at (647) 479-4240 to verify our current stock with one of our cannasseurs.

Q: Do you allow dogs in the building?

A: Yes, but we ask that you keep your dog on a leash. We love animals, but need to be as considerate as possible to those who may not. We do our very best to take into account everyone’s needs and comfort level while within the store, and kindly ask you to do the same.


Q: What kind of payment does Insalata Market accept?

A:  We encourage cashless transactions such as online payment, Debit, Visa & Mastercard.

Q: What form of ID do you accept?

A:  Acceptable forms of Government issued ID:

  • Ontario Driver’s Licence
  • Age of Majority Card
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Q: What is your return & exchange policy?

A: Unfortunately, for health reasons, cannabis and cannabis related products cannot be returned once they have left the store so be sure to verify your order with us before leaving.

However, we will happily exchange Insalata merchandise up to 7 days from the date of purchase with the original receipt. Items must be unused, and in the original packaging. Sale items are final and will not be refunded or exchanged.

If the return is approved, we will process the refund based on your original method of payment.

Q: Can I order online?

A:  Absolutely, just click “shop now” and begin your order. Select your products and when you are ready to checkout, simply complete the required information, including payment details and we will have your purchase ready for pickup within one hour during store hours.


Q: What is cannabis?

A: Cannabis is a naturally grown plant that contains cannabinoids with psychoactive effects. It is known for its recreational, as well as medical purposes. The cannabis plant is made up of many compounds including cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have various effects on the body and mind depending on how much of a specific cannabinoid is consumed.

Once a cannabis plant has grown to its full potential licensed producers will harvest the plants and trim any excess leaves or stems off. Once the buds have been harvested and trimmed they are left to dry. After the cannabis has been dried and cured it is now ready for packaging. Throughout this process Health Canada monitors and tests the cannabis tom ensure it meets health and safety standards.

Even though cannabis is natural it can still have very strong effects, and should be with a start low and go slow mindset. It is also important to note that cannabis is only legal in some parts of the world so will always want to be sure to double check before partaking while abroad.

Q: What are the different types of cannabis?

A:  Cannabis strains are organized into three primary types: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Each type of strain has unique effects on both the mind and body. For example, sativa strains are uplifting and pair well with activities like social gatherings and being physically active. On the opposite end of the spectrum, indica strains are relaxing and can help amplify a deep level of physical sedation making indica a great option for those times when you need deep sleep. Lastly, there are hybrid strains which are a combination of indicas and sativas. Hybrid strains offer a combination of both energizing and relaxing effects. Hybrid strains are great for the times when it’s too late for an energizing sativa or too early for a sedating indica strain.


Q: Is there nicotine in cannabis?

A: No, there is no nicotine found within the cannabis plant.


Q: What is THC?

A: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the most well known cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects created while smoking or consuming cannabis. It is important to remember the effects of THC can be felt differently for everyone, and smoking or consuming too much can cause uncomfortable side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, and nausea.

Q: How does THC work?

A: THC interacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Our Endocannabinoid System helps to regulate stress recovery, activates our immune system, protects the nervous system and helps regulate overall homeostatic balance. The ECS is made up of two main parts; cannabinoids and cannabinoid (CB1 & CB2) receptors. When cannabinoids like THC are consumed they travel through the bloodstream and bind to our CB1 and CB2 receptors similar to a lock and key. Humans naturally produce our own endocannabinoids. When you consume cannabis other cannabinoids such as THC will replace the natural endocannabinoids found within your ECS. This will induce mental and physical effects.



Q: What is CBD?

A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most commonly known cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. CBD has become extremely popular in recent years as it does not have a psychoactive effect, but for some still create feelings of calm and relaxation. It is important to remember the effects of CBD can be felt differently for everyone.

Q: How does CBD work?

A: CBD interacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Our Endocannabinoid System helps to regulate stress recovery, activates our immune system, protects the nervous system and helps regulate overall homeostatic balance. The ECS is made up of two main parts; cannabinoids and cannabinoid (CB1 & CB2) receptors. When cannabinoids like CBD are consumed they travel through the bloodstream and bind to our CB1 and CB2 receptors similar to a lock and key. Humans naturally produce our own endocannabinoids. When you consume cannabis other cannabinoids such as CBD will replace the natural endocannabinoids found within your ECS.

Q: How do I know what product is best for me?

A:  Shopping for a specific mood has everything to do with potency, dose and cannabinoid or terpene profile. Our knowledgeable cannasseurs will help you navigate through everything we have to offer to ensure you leave with the best product for the experience you want.

Q: How long do the effects of cannabis last?

A: As per Health Canada the effects of cannabis may last up to 12 hours when consuming edibles, and 6 hours when smoking or vaporizing. Please keep in mind that these times could vary depending on the individual and their personal tolerance.

Q: How do you get rid of the psychoactive effect from cannabis?

A: There is no true proven way to get rid of the “high” from THC, however there are a couple things you can do to make your experience more comfortable.

Stay Hydrated – A common side effect of consuming cannabis is having dry mouth. It is always a good idea to make sure you are staying hydrated.

Eat Something – Most cannabis users find the munchies are a big part of the cannabis experience. Not only will you more than likely want to eat, but eating may help calm the stomach of someone who is feeling ill. In these cases it is best to avoid anything spicy or with bold flavours.

Stay Positive & Relax – Remember this is only temporary and will pass. We suggest trying to relax by putting on a (funny) movie or tv show you like in a comfortable environment.

Q: Where are your products grown?

A:  All our products are grown by licensed producers in Canada and purchased through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Q: How long will my cannabis stay fresh?

A: If stored in the proper manner cannabis can last up to approximately 6 months. This amount of time may vary depending on the strain, production date, and licensed producer.

Q: How do I consume cannabis? And what is the difference between various options?

A: There are several different ways to consume cannabis depending on your preference. Many choose to smoke or vaporize their flower as the effects are felt quite quickly, while others enjoy using edibles, beverages or oils to get a slower onset with longer lasting effects. You may even be someone who is looking to use their cannabis on the go. For these people we recommend gravitating towards a 510 cartridge or closed loop pod system like the Pax Era.

Regardless of how you wish to consume one of our cannasseurs will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for to get the best experience out of your cannabis.

Health, Safety & Social Responsibility:

Q: How do I know if the cannabis I buy at your store is safe to consume?

A:  When purchasing recreational cannabis from a legal store you are choosing products that have been vigorously tested by Health Canada. All licensed producers must abide by Health Canada’s strict guidelines and regulations while cultivating and manufacturing these cannabis products.

Q: Can you overdose on cannabis?

A: No, you can not overdose on cannabis. There has never been a documented case where someone has died due to cannabis use alone. Consuming too much cannabis can lead to anxiety attacks, increased heart rate and in some cases fainting.

Q: How do I keep my cannabis away from my children and pets?

A:  The best way to ensure your cannabis products stay away from your children and pets is by keeping them in a locked storage bag or container. Many of these bags will have a 3 digit combination allowing you to keep your cannabis safe and odour free while other containers such as jars have a child-proof seal. Be sure to check out all of our storage options

Q: Can I buy cannabis for a minor (under 19)? Even if it is a gift?

A:  No, anyone under the age of 19 can not legally buy, possess or consume cannabis within Canada.

Q: Should I mix cannabis with alcohol?

A:  Mixing cannabis and alcohol can create extremely intoxicating effects which could also lead to increased dizziness, nausea and dehydration. Combining cannabis and alcohol will also create an increased psychoactive effect. We do not recommend using cannabis and alcohol at the same time.

Q: Who should take extra precautions when consuming cannabis?

A:  Those with possible increased risks from cannabis use or the effects of cannabis may be senior citizens or those with mental health concerns like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Health Canada also warns that cannabis could be contraindicated to anyone with heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease.

Q: Should a person consume cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A:  It is recommended that anyone who may be pregnant or is currently breastfeeding do not use cannabis. Cannabis use during pregnancy has been linked to slower brain development as well as increased risk for a lower birth weight.