About Insalata

We provide a cannabis experience that combines trust & education to guide you on your journey.

s Approach

Cannabis has many uses, purposes, and formats. Our trained Educators pass along their knowledge to help you make informed decisions on what makes sense for what you need.

d Philosophy

Whether you are new to cannabis or a pro, we want to make your retail experience comfortable, informative, accessible, enjoyable, and personalized.

Our Stores

An inviting space
for your cannabis journey.

We aim to make your cannabis retail experience both enjoyable & informative. We invite you to expand your horizons, reach new levels of enjoyment, and craft your own personalized cannabis path.

Forage through our wide variety of cannabis products, unearth new formats, and spark conversations about our accessories & merchandise.

Our Brands

As a licensed retailer with the AGCO, we carry over 100 brands to accompany you on your cannabis journey.