About Insalata

We provide a cannabis experience that combines trust & education to guide you on your journey.

s Approach

Cannabis has many uses, purposes, and formats. Our trained Educators pass along their knowledge to help you make informed decisions on what makes sense for what you need.

d Philosophy

Whether you are new to cannabis or a pro, we want to make your retail experience comfortable, informative, accessible, enjoyable, and personalized.

Meet our team

At the core of Insalata is a team of pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and passionate educators who believe in providing a uniquely embracing cannabis experience. Meet some of them below.

James Moffitt

Head of Operations

James has been involved in the cannabis field for over a decade. With his roots in legacy, he has been passionately involved in all aspects of the industry, from cultivation, to extraction, and even formulating oils, and edibles.

With a research heavy mindset, James has learned as much as he could about cannabis and all of its wonderful properties. Well versed in cannabinoids, terpene’s, cultivars and extracts, he is the Ganja Guru of the group and ties meaningful customer interactions to a history of deeply passionate knowledge.

Ajay Chahal

Head of Cannabis Education

Ajay is a pharmacist with expertise in mental health and addiction medicine. He graduated from the University of Toronto, Doctor of Pharmacy program in 2018 and has since worked in community and hospital pharmacy. He is also involved in educating pharmacy students and has a passion for the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

Ajay values a holistic patient-centered approach that optimizes therapy utilizing conventional and alternative treatments. After speaking with countless patients, Ajay saw the need for more patient education and guidance in this rapidly evolving cannabis space. He’s excited to be a part of this new and growing field of medicine.

Anushya Vijayaraghevan

Head of Cannabis Research

Anushya is a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate and licensed pharmacist with an interest in holistic health and the growing cannabis industry in Canada. She completed her BSc. in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ottawa in 2012 and thereafter her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto in 2018.

Anushya has encountered hundreds of patients in community pharmacy with a need for education on the use of cannabis in relation to their medication regimen. She provides her patients with a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to their health, combining both conventional and complementary medicine.

Our Stores

An inviting space
for your cannabis journey.

We aim to make your cannabis retail experience both enjoyable & informative. We invite you to expand your horizons, reach new levels of enjoyment, and craft your own personalized cannabis path.

Forage through our wide variety of cannabis products, unearth new formats, and spark conversations about our accessories & merchandise.

Our Brands

As a licensed retailer with the AGCO, we carry over 100 brands to accompany you on your cannabis journey.