1964 Organic Romulan Indica 3.5g

THC: 20% Terpenes: 3.25%
Lineage: North America × White Rhino Appearance: Medium to small flowers, frosted dark green leaves with orange pistils
Feel: Super dense, hard to press Smell: Pine, earthy, citrus leaves
Taste: Subtle green tea flavor Accessory: ¼ Raw paper and filter


“Romulan is the perfect strain to smoke by yourself or with company any time of the day.”

As you smoke, you will feel the quick onset of a breathable, relaxing high. Things may look a bit hazy but, the mind is clear and thoughts are not discombobulated. The smoke is dense but it doesn’t leave a harsh feeling on your throat. The effects of this strain will leave you uplifted and feeling like you’re relaxing in a bath.

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