BLK MKT Peanut Butter MAC Pre-Roll

THC: 21.7% Taste: Earthy, nutty, woody, fresh herbal overtone


“I felt relaxed and almost wanting to sleep after 30 minutes on the couch.”

Since I liked the taste of the dry pull, the smell of the herb, and the overall appearance of the joint, I had reasonable expectations. However, I was first and foremost unhappy with how packed the joint was. It was hard to pull and I would inhale very little smoke. I was not able to enjoy the first half of this pre roll as it mostly just burnt away. I do not like wasting quality cannabis, so I unpacked the rest of the pre roll and rolled it into another joint.


This time, I was able to enjoy this strain. After a few long puffs, I could feel a mild buzz around my body. The high then settled around my eyes and chest after a few minutes. I enjoyed the effects of this strain while watching anime and snacking. I felt relaxed and almost wanting to sleep after 30 min on the couch.


If a consumer is asking for an indica hybrid strain, this one would be on my top list of choices.

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