Do Cannabis Creams Work?

Cannabinoid topicals are an exciting area of cannabis that is gaining a lot of interest. Many people find topicals to be less intimidating compared to inhaling or ingesting cannabis because of how easy creams and ointments are to use.

Let’s check out several areas of interest when it comes to topical cannabinoids.


There have been patient reports that cannabis cream helped reduce pain after application for skin that had blistered, and has been shown to help heal skin quickly


Itch may be one of the most irritating symptoms of any skin condition. It can be caused by several conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, allergic reactions etc. Common treatments for itch are the use of antihistamines, and using a cannabis cream alongside an antihistamine may be the most effective because they work differently to treat the itch.


Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant activity, and cannabis has shown to have several promising ways to treat inflammation. It could be a good option for people who can’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication like Advil due to side effects.

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