Orchid CBD Runtz

THC: 10.4% Terpenes: 3.4%
Smoke: Clean creamy smoke, smooth and welcoming Appearance: Medium to small flowers, frosted dark green buds with amber pistils and some deep purple
Feel: Dense pillow and very sticky Smell: Citrus leaves, Floral, Peppery, Berry Jam
Taste: Sweet, Creamy, Berry, Citrus Accessory: Bong and ¼ Raw paper (0.5g joint)


“This strain is recommendable for consumers wanting to smoke less THC but still wants a euphoric high.”

This mellow, long-lasting high is perfect for daytime and evening use. The comfortable, mood boosting high is great for watching long movies. Getting together with friends and talking about life is also another feeling you get after smoking this strain. The clean and creamy smoke does not hurt your throat, and it makes it very inviting for the next puff.

This is an enjoyable strain to smoke by yourself or share with a close friend. CBD Runtz is a great all rounded strain that is a good choice for anyone new to the cannabis world and are undecided on what to try first.

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